Force Bond Logistics & Implications

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Post by snufkin on Fri 20 Apr 2018, 7:05 pm

@Birdwoman As we speak, there are fans out there debating how if Kylo survives the ST, he will be subject to the Star Wars equivalent to the Nuremberg Trials. All with the same levels of earnestness and intensity that you'd find in a Bible Study class. Which sure, whatever angle you're interested in, go for it. Just that as with the drama over TLJ because Surprise! "Rey meets her long last dad and trains to be an awesome Jedi and then murders her awful cousin Kyle Ron" was a fantasy they all made up in their heads, same goes for "Kylo needs to die or go to comic book jail" as a potential plot for IX. Meanwhile the actual interesting parts about the ST, such as the Force Bond being about how two lonely young people bond and come to care for one another because they're both survivors of childhood trauma. And their different ways of coping with said trauma - somehow that's less interesting (or gets written off by) to those fans.
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Force Bond Logistics & Implications - Page 6 Empty Re: Force Bond Logistics & Implications

Post by Starliteprism on Sat 21 Apr 2018, 7:07 am

@Birdwoman wrote:They claim they want a new story but when they get it they freak out.
The whole Kylo needs to die because of his crimes at this point just make me roll my eyes.  Have these people not watched Marvel movies?  I have seen, less complex and more evil people flip from bad to good.  I have seen good guys flip from being good to bad...then flip back to good.  I don't seem them in comic book jail paying for their sins or being killed off.

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Force Bond Logistics & Implications - Page 6 Empty Re: Force Bond Logistics & Implications

Post by DeeBee on Sat 19 May 2018, 2:10 am

hi all, with the update to the starwars databank - one slide caught my attention, I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks who is interested..
I really wasn't sure where to put this! lol.. here goes!
Force Bond Logistics & Implications - Page 6 Galler21

This is what caught my eye: When Luke re-established his connection with the Force, momentous events were set in motion.

This could simply be referring to Luke's first step back into the galaxy conflicts.. however the timing of this reconnection with the force is super terms of the cosmic force. I'm just playing around and geeking out a little.. it may be nothing, I thought I'd share and see what others think.

Luke reconnects with the force, and with Leia around the same time of the cave scene and the hut scene.. Luke is looking for Rey when Rey and Kylo/Ben have their force visions.
I am wondering if Luke's reconnecting with the force in some way altered the way the force was working in the galaxy at that time, and if the timing of Luke's reconnection has played a role in the cosmic force giving Rey and Kylo/Ben visions..
I think we can't know anything for sure, unless we learn more about this in IX, and whatever happened - Luke did not intend to encourage the Rey and Kylo/Ben connection at that point in the story (he then goes on to kick her off the island for it). However - I remembered this idea from BB-Rey about Leia maybe being involved in influencing the force bond..
@BB-Rey wrote:I think the Force Bond is going to be absolutely addressed again and in Episode IX. I think it existed long before Snoke got involved as I remember in Rey's Vision in the novel for The Force Awakens she sees a boy in the Cloud City corridor and it's strongly hinted at this is Kylo not Luke. Part of me thinks one reason they were connected more on a greater wave link distance in The Last Jedi though was Leia. I think she inadvertently had a part to play in linking them together further as I find it very curious that it so happens when she's laying in the medical bay and she drops the tracking beacon bracelet for Finn to have. I think Leia is what opened the doors further but the seeds were planted there during their first encounter and they started seeing each other, especially during the interrogation scene.

These things on the Database are similar to the ones that came out in the months after The Force Awakens when both Rey and Kylo's page mentioned a mysterious link between the two. I think it's defintely foreshadowing.

BB-Rey I hope you don't mind me resurrecting this comment of yours! Cool I wonder if Luke was inadvertently playing a role in linking them together further! And.. as Luke reconnected with the force he also reconnected with Leia - so maybe indirectly Leia did too. It's funny the databank has a gap in Leia's story  in her databank entry - she goes from demoting Poe to waking up to find Poe leading a mutiny. lol. I want to see how the reconnecting with Luke in the force is covered - and they haven't addressed it at all. could mean something.. lol could mean nothing. Curious that it is not addressed in Luke's databank entry at all either!!)
When Luke reconnects with the force in the novelisation there's a mention of the cosmic force - here:
"Seek your center. Find balance.
Luke’s body felt like it was on fire. He knew it wasn’t. He accepted the feeling, denying it power over him, and then let it ebb. In its place came a familiar sense of warmth, of belonging, of finding himself part of an endless lattice of connections that held him and everything else, each fixed in its proper place.
A Force.
That aspect of the Force—the Jedi had called it the living Force—was ceaseless and ever-renewing. But the Jedi had spoken of another aspect—the Cosmic Force. It had an awareness, and a purpose, and a will. A will that had been silent, dormant after the demise of the Sith, only to wake once again during Luke’s exile. A will that Luke finally allowed himself to acknowledge once again." (p.179)
The Rey and Kylo/Ben forcebond is at it's heart about their relationship and the cosmic force... so it's interesting that right when Luke is reconnecting with the force, this is the time when the cosmic force chooses to give Kylo/Ben and Rey visions. I wonder if this was to counter the influence Luke would have had over Rey.. and instead align her with Kylo/Ben.. The cosmic force that had been dormant for a while was actively at work right in these moments in numerous ways.. and it's super interesting to me!!
What did it do to the balance of darkness and light to have Luke reconnect in the force like that?
Anyway - Luke's reconnecting to the force set events in motion - maybe events related to the cosmic force, and the Reylo force bond too!

While I'm here I'll just mention - the databank now has numerous mentions of Snoke creating the bond.. (discussed in the Snoke in VIII thread) and there is now mention that the force reconnected Rey and Kylo on crait and 'rey closed it off'  and 'when the force reconnected him with Rey. she shut him out.' - whoooooo she was able to control it and close it!
What's everyone thinking in light of this? Has Rey permanently shut him out?
[I think not, but love to discuss and hear ideas]
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