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Rules of our Community and Member Code of Conduct

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Rules of our Community and Member Code of Conduct Empty Rules of our Community and Member Code of Conduct

Post by Darth Rowan on Sun 27 Mar 2016, 1:15 pm

Rules of the Community

This is a family-friendly forum that strives to maintain a positive environment.

Behavior on and off-site:
The use of hateful, inaccurate, defamatory, false, inappropriate, threatening or personal attacks that might be construed as bashing, baiting, hazing and bullying (i.e. attacks against the poster, instead of the theory) are strictly prohibited. Personal attacks include but are not limited to racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, name-calling and swearing at other users.

We do not tolerate stalking, targeting, intentional violation of privacy (including "leaks" of private content), or any other form of abusive behavior between our members, and any substantiated complaint that we receive about this behavior on or offsite will result in action including potential permanent ban of user accounts.

Forum members should avoid involving the forum in any way when engaging in offsite fandom conflict or behavior that could reflect badly on this community. No forum member is authorized to "speak on behalf of the forum" in offsite platforms without first consulting the administration.

Providing information that is false is inciting conflict and is considered a violation of our rules. Leaking information about forum members in general is a violation of privacy, which is also against our rules.

Duplicate/sock accounts are not permitted. An individual shall not make their moderation a topic of public discussion - any concerns should be addressed to the staff.

The Reylo Skyforum staff can't tell people how to behave offsite, but we do hold people accountable for their behavior towards other forum members on site and off.

Content Restrictions
No explicit content (including text, gifs/videos, or pictures). No crude or explicit language and/or hate-speech are tolerated. Members must self-censor inappropriate content whenever possible.

DO NOT post images of or links to material that infringes on any person’s privacy, can be considered junk mail or unauthorized advertising, violates copyright laws, encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise be in violation of any law or regulation.

When posting pictures from another site please credit and include a link to the original site.

When posting ‘fan art’ or 'fanfic', always provide a link to the original artist's or author's page. If they contact us and request that it be taken down, it shall promptly be removed.

No bootleg material is permitted.

Citing and naming other users and platforms

Mention of other Star Wars forums by name and copy-lifting of posts made in other Star Wars forums is not permitted.

Discussion and naming of specific users on any of other platform (forums, reddit, Tumblr, Twitter) is prohibited as it is considered a violation of privacy. This excludes public figures, entertainers, cast/crew, news sites, journalists, authors, educators and content creators such as podcasters.

Tweets and other social media posts by public figures, entertainers, cast/crew, news sites, journalists, authors, educators and content creators such as podcasters can be shared without redaction. Tweets and social media posts belonging to regular users on those platforms must be redacted to obscure the identity of the original poster.

A user on another non-forum platform can be credited/cited if their content is being shared for purpose of information/discussion (i.e., non-bashing purposes), but the user shall not be the subject of discussion - only the content.

Restrictions involving creative team/performers
This forum aims to be a safe, positive, and supportive space not just for fans, but also for everyone involved with the Star Wars creative team.

With that in mind, the Rey and Kylo Ren connection forum will not tolerate: "real life" shipping, gossip and speculation about performers or creatives' private lives, the sharing of performers or creatives' private details, bashing directed at them, their friends or loved ones, or the posting of unsolicited, fan-taken photographs of the performers or creatives going about their day-to-day business. Stalking and harassment are not permitted.

Violation of these rules may result in a warning and/or ban at the discretion of the administrators and moderators of the Kylo Ren and Rey connection forum.

The Rey and Kylo Ren Connection Forum provides moderation, but is not obligated to and cannot guarantee that every post will be moderated. The Rey and Kylo Ren Connection Forum and its administration (as well as its moderators) are not responsible for the content posted. The information and posts found here express the views of each individual author.
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