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Positive Thoughts for IX, the Reylo edition

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Positive Thoughts for IX, the Reylo edition - Page 3 Empty Re: Positive Thoughts for IX, the Reylo edition

Post by SW_Heroine_Journey on Wed 28 Nov 2018, 4:30 pm

@LadyGaufrette wrote:
@SW_Heroine_Journey wrote:OMG - Scott Mendelson of Forbes does get it!  At first, I recall his SW column where he thought the new movies should have ended with TLJ - he didn't see where else it could go, unless the same old of OT, and PT, is repeated.  I don't know behind the scenes, but he decided that Reylo is the key (he is the one that called it the Reylo Trilogy in another column.)  Not sure if that is an indication he agrees with Bendemption..but he is getting there.

Look what he composed today!  It's in an article about Frozen 2, yet here is what popped out at me:

"and offer something at least as lustful as Tarzan, Beautiful Creatures or The Last Jedi."   Shocked Very Happy

He is wondering why Disney moved Frozen 2 to the spot where Harry Potter, Hunger Games - Fantasy YA's usually are...and if is a sign of more mature content for Frozen 2...if not a PG-13, a solid PG.

Thanks for the article, even though I'm more interested by the information on Frozen 2. Laughing
Might Frozen 2 be a somewhat standard “dark” sequel? Might Frozen 2 be the kind of sequel that furthers the mythology while undercutting the comparatively good/evil morality of its predecessor as the wish-fulfillment fantasy of its predecessor becomes cluttered by messy reality?

This quote gives me hope to have my double redemption in 2019; Ben and Hans.
We should look to see if there are other Disney films with a theme of redemption for this year.

Very Happy I did not think of that angle! Smile
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