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The Trilogy and Saga in Retrospect

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The Trilogy and Saga in Retrospect Empty The Trilogy and Saga in Retrospect

Post by BB-Rey on Mon 13 Jan 2020, 9:14 am

It's probably way too soon but I tried watching moments from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi (The Prequels too) in retrospect to what we just got and everything feels so different and depressing.

The Force Awakens:

It's super difficult watching Rey's scenes knowing who she is and that she connects with a toxic male. It shows the parallels within her narrative to anyone before have no context to story and only serve as more a reminding us of what happened before.

Finn's whole backstory has no payoff after seeing baby Finn on the First Order monitors during his escape with Poe.

Poe's hinted gayness lip bite to Finn is squashed for flirting on Zorri.

Snoke mentions that Ben/Kylo is the Master of the Knights of Ren. Who and what exactly does this mean?

"That lightsaber was Luke's and his father's before him. And now it calls to you." Plot device? Calling to a Palpatine? The one who destroyed everything? Even a Kenobi makes more sense than a Palpatine as it at least would've been more align with some of the parallels and that the Force is working to bring the families together again to share their destiny once more to make things right.

The plotholes get more heavy.

The Last Jedi:

It makes Rey and Ben so very tragic and emotional in not a good way.

It makes the mirror cave seem pointless when we see a hint of Ben's shadow.

It makes Luke's reluctance to train Rey very uncomfortable. Especially when R2-D2 is the one to play him Leia's hologram and he knows first hand all the things Palpatine did. Okay maybe R2 didn't know but still.

It makes the quest of Rose and Finn even more pointless. So they learned the Resistance and First Order bought from the same arm's dealers for no reason?

It makes you question why Yoda feels they must not lose Rey and Luke can't be what she needs.

Snoke feels useless and out of character if he's said to be Palpatine.

The Prequels:

It makes Anakin being the Chosen One pointless and in turn the whole of the Prequels.

It makes Anakin's desire to stop people from dying feel more clunky and out of lore with what we eventually see.

It makes The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis seem like a pointless story that is more spiteful than anything else.

It makes training to become a Jedi as established in these films feel like magic and spells versus a hard life as Qui-Gon alludes to.

It shows no redeeming qualities for Palpatine.

It makes the potent ending of Revenge of the Sith more sorrow than hopeful.

Honestly? The list goes on and on but it's super depressing to write out and even think about. The Rise of Skywalker doesn't understand the established lore, canon, and context to what made the story special to begin with. I just hope in time I can let it all go and be able to find enjoyment in the parts of the franchise I know and loved. Star Wars was always my safe space but now it feels like I don't know it anymore.

PS) I'm also depressed we never see Ben and Chewie reconcile or Ben on the Falcon!

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The Trilogy and Saga in Retrospect Empty Re: The Trilogy and Saga in Retrospect

Post by motherofpearl1 on Tue 14 Jan 2020, 2:22 am

Agree 100%.
TROS isn't just a bad film, it's destroyed the entire saga. When KK said she wanted to move forward with new characters, she made no reference to essentially wiping away everything the previous films had created. The only way they can undo this damage is if they released another version of TROS with a more updeat ending, restored some of the scenes they removed and got rid of Palpwalker. Which, because they think they know everything, they won't
I'm just wondering when the repercussions will be felt.
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